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Alert Tv Show Episode 1 Recap, Summary & Ending Explained | Fox

Alert Episode 1 Recap, Summary & Ending Explained: “Alert: Missing Person’s Unit” is a Fox police procedural drama in which a person goes missing and two police officers, Jason and Nikki, try to solve the missing person’s case.

In this article, we are going to recap along with the ending explanation of episode 1, “Chloe,” which follows the story of the disappearance of a 9-year-old girl who is being kidnapped, and they are going to solve this issue, and I will cover all the details in this article.

Episode 1 opens with a child, where we see the police role of Jason as he saves that girl from a place where there is a bomb near this child, and he saves this child with the help of the team, and we find that Jason also works as a private contractor with the army’s Delta Company. After that, they are celebrating their success as they save the child and the scene shifts where we see that Jason receives a call from his wife, Nikki, that their son has been kidnapped.


Six years later, there is still no word of their son, Keith, and Nikki has now become the head of the missing persons unit. Her mission is to not feel the same way she does and to do her best to unite other families whose members are missing. We also see the couple divorce, but they continue to co-parent their other child, Sidney.

After that, MPU gets a case about a girl named Chloe who gets kidnapped in the daytime, and then they gather all the details from the CCTV footage and start questioning the witnesses who were there at that time. Nikki is seen working with a team comprised of Mike, Kemi, and C, who investigate all possible details.

Later, we see Jason receive an image of his son and find out that he is alive and still ok, and then Jason goes to Nikki and starts following the lead. Then, Jason and Nikki go through all of the data and find Keith’s location, which is in Vegas, but they enter a hotel but don’t find him because they don’t hear a phone ring.

The Ending Explained – Is Keith alive?

In the end, Keith receives a call for assistance, and the couple returns to the scene six years later. After that, Nikki finally finds her missing son after six years, and he is still alive. Then, they take him home and choose to give her a normal life, and Sydney is also happy to finally meet her brother again.

After that, the couples start enjoying their son’s return, and we also see Mike is not happy as Jason and Nikki come together again as they are only apart due to their child. The scene shifts to MPU, where they receive a tip about Chloe’s kidnapping and are at a motel, and then the team enters the motel.

We see the one kidnapper who is at the reception, and then he alerts his teammates about the police’s arrival, and then the kidnapper grabs Chloe and leaves through the back gate, but at some point, they arrest the kidnappers. Then they discover that they are members of a Libyan terrorist organization, and they reveal that their only plan is to kill thousands of people alongside Chloe.

This is all about the recap and ending explanation of episode 1, whereas in episode 2 we see the further case, which is a new case. Let me know how much you liked episode 1 in the comments section.



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