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Fox Tv Alert Episode 1 Real True Story ? – Where Is Chloe And Her Parents Now?

In Fox’s latest police-based series, “Alert: Missing Person’s Unit,” in which in each episode two police detectives solve the case of a missing person, I am going to talk about the missing person who was kidnapped in episode 1. which will provide all the details about the missing person.

The show is not based on the Real Story and the Character and Names used in the show are Fictional Characters, If you still have any questions related to the episode, You can ask us in the comments.

Who is the missing victim?

In this episode, the MPU receives a call from someone informing her that her daughter, Chloe, is missing. She is around 9 years old, and the incident occurred during the day.

After that, the police tell him to go to the police station where Chloe is and speak with Nikki, who is investigating the missing case; we can see that the parents are upset, but they still blame each other. Then, Chloe’s mother shows the video where they revealed that they had kidnapped her daughter. Then they get a call from a hotel, where police are immediately dispatched. After that, Nikki saved Chloe, whereas some kidnappers escaped.

Who are these abductors

During that time, Chloe’s mother revealed that her husband, Roger, works for a phony company, which aims to keep the country safe from terrorist attacks. where we find that they kidnapped Chloe so that he couldn’t stop them.

We also learn that they are members of a Libyan terrorist organization, and their plan is to kill thousands of people, including her daughter Chloe. We also understand that they have given him numerous warnings, but he continues to do his job, which is why they kidnapped him.



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