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Alchemy Of Souls Part 2 Episode 10 Recap & Ending Explained

Alchemy Of Souls Season 1 Part 2 Episode 10 Recap & Ending Explained: The final episode of the Very Popular Korean Drama Show Alchemy Of Souls Season 1 Part 2 was released today on Netflix, I just finished the show, and here goes the ending Explanation and some more info about the last episode of the show, We are also going to give you Full Recap of the show.

Jin Bu-Yeon confronts Jang UK that she’s a soul shifter, When the blue marks reappear in her eyes she remembers everything, Someone comes towards them so Jang Uk covers Jin Bu-yeon’s eyes, it is Go Won who asks if she is ok after that Go Won leaves that place. Jang Uk asked Jin Bu-Yeon to not tell this to anyone.

Jin Bu-yeon’s mother asks Master Lee if Naksu regained her memory, so will she leaves the body of Jin Bu-yeon, if Natsu leaves the body of Jin Bu-yeon while she is in Gwido will Jin Bu-yeon be able to survive in Gwido, Master Lee said that Jin Bu-yeon soul also has power, so she will survive.

Jin Bu-Yeon, Jang Uk and Go Won Found Ice stone from the Wraith’s Skeleton. They think that there is only one ice stone there, but this ice stone is different and it’s desired to absorb human energy, so Jang UK leaves that Ice stone in that skeleton.

Jin Bu-yeon then asks how the two of them found her, Jang Uk and Go Won say that they thought Bu-Yeon summoned her, Go Won say that He was never with Jin Mu, He is with Jang Uk after Jin Mu and Go Won put Jin Bu-yeon in Gwido, Go Won goes to Jang Uk and ask him if he wants to rescue her then they found a portal in that place, so they think it’s maybe Jin Bu-Yeon who opened that portal.

Jin Bu-yeon’s Body is now in control of Naksu, so Naksu understands that Jin Bu-yeon opens the portal through her Divine Powers.

Master Lee asks Bu-yeon’s mother if he heard that she used the ice stone to save the unborn child that had died and that child turn out to be Bu-yeon, Jin Seol Ran invented the Ice stone and she is also blind from birth and also holds divine powers like Bu-yeon. Bu-yeon’s mother said she hopes that Bu-yeon saves herself in that Gwido because Naksu is going to get her powers in that Gwido.

Seo Yul found a potion from Soi’s belongings, so he asked Master Heo about this, Master Heo said that it was a Soul Potion.

Seo Yul dig into this and found a person who was forced to feed this potion and it is Shaman Choi, Park Jin and Seo Yul talk to Shaman Choi and ask her to help them but she didn’t help her, because she also wants Jin Mu to get success because she also wants to shift her soul.

Park Jin asked half of their members to go to Jinyoon and half to Cheonbugwan to defend and save everyone.

Go Won is now with Jin Mu in the secret room and confronts him that he’s not with him, he is with Jang Uk and they are going to defeat him. Jang Uk is now outside the Secret Room. It’s protected so Jang Uk uses his power and breaks the door of the secret room and kills every man of Jin Mu. Jang Uk talks to Jin mu and says that he’s not going to kill her and asks him to go. Jin Mu leaves that place and finds himself in front of a portal where he sees the Ice Stone from Gwido, so he goes to that place and finds Jin Bu-yeon there.

Jin Mu was very happy after seeing Bu-Yeon there and said that Only Jang Uk can use Ice stone, so Bu-Yeon asked if she can help him and Jin Mu said yes to it. The ice stone starts absorbing the energy of Jin Mu and he starts to die, Jin Bu-Yeon explains that it’s absorbing human energy that’s why Jin Mu is going to die now. Jin Bu-yeon then says that she is also going to die in a place like this.

Jang Uk tells everyone that Jin Bu-Yeon is still in Gwido, Jang Uk becomes very weak after the fight.

Jin Bu-yeon say that she will stay in Gwido until her soul disappears then can Bu-yeon leave this place, Go won leaves his turtle with Jin Bu-yeon, so that turtle goes to the sea Jin Bu-Yeon founds it Strange, but after all, it’s turtle than she sees a golden thing and it is jinyoon plaque, Jin Bu-Yeon is very happy about it because by this she can leave this place, Jin Bu-yeon thanks The turtle for this. Then we saw an aerial shot of the sea where we saw a shadow swimming in the sea, then we moved to a book where we saw Black Tortoise art and Master Lee explained that Black Tortoise is a mythical creature that might help someone this time.

Jin Bu-Yeon returns from Gwido, and the royal family asks her to Remove the ice stone from Jang Uk’s body because it’s hard to handle the ice stone now. Jin Bu-Yeon said yes to it, Jang Uk didn’t want this so he said no.

Shaman Choi is in fear after hearing that Jin Mu is going to die, because she wants to shift her soul, so she goes to the Gwido forest by the portal that’s still open and asks Jin Mu where is the soul ejector than Jin Mu slowly says that the Last soul ejector is in the body of Choi family from where it started means in Shaman Choi, Jin Mu than put his hand on the stomach of Shaman Choi and Put that ice stone in it. Then exchange his soul with the one who comes with Shaman Choi.

Jin Mu then goes to the king’s place, the King asks him if he goes to Gwido because Jin mu promised him that he will give him power, Jin Mu then says everything to him. We got to know that the King also wants to exchange the soul and his own people also.

Then we see 3 People crying at 3 boxes and Jang Uk is also in shock after seeing that.



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