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Adrienne Taub Charles Cullen’s Ex-Wife | Where Is She Now? | Netflix?

Adrienne Taub Charles Cullen’s Ex-Wife: Netflix “The Good Nurse” has been officially released and it has been creating waves, not for the sole reason that it is based on the horrifying story of a healthcare professional who was also a serial killer (imagine the horror) but also showing the story from the point of view of his co-worker Amy Loughren.

However, often these stories are not one way and whenever someone this troubled is caught, the family is left with the prices to pay and if you’re curious about Charles Cullen’s family, you’re here at the right place.

Charles Cullen and Adrienne Taub got married in 1987 a year after Charles completed nursing school. They lived in their home state of New Jersey where they welcomed two girls Shauna and Saskia.

However, it wasn’t until 1993 that the records of the family slowly crumbling came to the spotlight, as per the public records and due to Charles’s unusual and sometimes violent behavior had Adrienne filed for divorce. Adrienne also asserted that Charles was very cruel to their two dogs and would beat them in the name of “training” and she would wake up at night to hear their dogs crying in the basement.

Several other incidents were also mentioned by Adrienne like he once left their two daughters with a babysitter for an entire week, burned one of their books, acted strange, and spiked other people’s drinks with lighter fluid. The court declined the restraining order against Charles citing that a father would never hurt his family and instead Adrienne and Charles were given joint custody with Adrienne getting the physical custody.

However, after the heinous crimes of Charles surfaced in 2003, Adrienne was living in Roselle Park, New Jersey a peaceful life with her daughters. Hounded by the reporters, she made her statement very clear that she wants no part in it and wants to keep her adolescent daughters from this negativity and she has never spoken to the media about anything.

Coming to her recent whereabouts, there’s no information about them since they have managed to stay away from the spotlight. However, it’s possible that Adrienne still lives at Roselle Park, New Jersey.


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