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Why Willie Earl Betray Bayou? – A Jazzman’s (Netflix) Blues Ending Explained

A Jazzman’s (Netflix) Blues Ending Explained: The film ends with lots of unanswered questions like Is Jonathan Bayou’s Son? and Why Willie Earl Betray Bayou?. Tyler Perry’s directorial feature film titled “A Jazzman’s Blues” has made its way to Netflix and it is being loved by the audience for its portrayal of a heartbreaking storyline that travels itself from racial injustice to familial pressure as well.

The film stars Joshua Boone & Solea Pfeiffer in the leading roles along with Amirah Vann, Austin Scott, and Ryan Eggold.

The Film is a reality check in your face when you realize, towards the end that how could it be true for a man who fought so hard against his destiny and still ended up in the worst situation we had thought for him and not only that, the ending not only saddens us but it leaves us with a feeling of a false identity that we feel for the child of Bayou & Leanne.

The story revolves around Leanne & Bayou who are in love but are separated by their families and then their race. One would assume that those two will be eliminated by the fame and popularity that Bayou earns by becoming a Jazz Singer but nope. Upon his return to Georgia, Bayou tries to send messages about his plan of eloping together but it all ends in vain when both of them are found in together by an angry mob.

Tired of running away, Bayou decided to face the mob which kills Bayou and hang his body on a tree and that stops this heartfelt love story, physically. In the end, Bayou and Leanne’s son are found reading the letters coming to a realization of what his identity has been all along while we see Leanne reminiscing about her past and the love between her and Bayou and his memories.

A Jazzman’s Blues is a fantastic story about lost love that not only weaves the characters beautifully but also takes us in it. It is not the lost love but how the ones that remain carry on with those little memories that still fuel them.


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