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1923 Paramount Episode 1 Recap, Summary & Ending Explained

1923 Paramount Episode 1 : 1923 is an American western drama series that follows the story of the Dutton family around 1923. It is a prequel to the series Yellowstone and a sequel to the series 1883.

In this article, we will recap and explain the ending of 1923 episode 1, which appears promising. Let’s jump into a recap.


Episode 1 starts with Cara Dutton, where we see that Cara has somehow killed a mysterious man who is running away from her through her wilderness. After that, the narrative narrates the story and explains that Cara’s mother, Margaret Dutton, died a year after her husband, James Dutton. As a result, the family began to face problems across the country.

When we see James Dutton’s younger son, Spencer Dutton, working as a hired hunter and assisting locals by killing a lion as hired people, we also see that he served the nation in an army during the First World War, and he is retired due to his suffering from PTSD.


On the other side, we see a family patriarch, Jacob Dutton, who works as a livestock commissioner and loses a herd of cattle. We also see Jacob being complained about by Banner Creighton, who is also a local sheep tender. We also see Jacob accuse Banner of grazing cattle on another person’s property. Following that, we see johnson Jack Dutton and his crazy plan to marry Elizabeth Strafford, a young woman from a ranching family. Where we see a young woman named Teonna, who works at a Catholic boarding school where she abuses Sister Mary and Father Renaud.

After that, Jack and his father prepare for the cattle drive, and we see ranchers plan to drive cattle down for three days and then return for a two-day trip. However, we see a mysterious man shoot at Jack before he can convey the news to Jacob and John. After that, the scene shifts to Africa, where we see Spencer travel to a camp for a new assignment, where he experiences a scene of PTSD, and then he meets with a British couple who recently arrived in Africa.

Spencer returns to camp to hunt down a leopard that is eating turtles, and we see him set up a trap with a goat so that they can easily trap the leopard. Cara is concerned about Spencer as he prepares to kill the leopard and hopes he is not injured.

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Ending – Is Spencer dead?

At the end of Episode 1, we see that Spencer is planning to trap the leopard, as we already know that the leopard is killing the tourist. We see Spencer successfully trap and shoot the leopard, confirming his death, but we are taken aback when we see another leopard nearby and moving directly toward Spencer; the scene cuts, and episode 1 ends.

In the next episode, we will see what happened to Spencer—or is he dead? 1923 is now streaming only on Paramount+




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